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My mom and dad both grew up in Michigan. My mom used to go and pick fresh cherries and bring them home to her mom to make a fresh cherry pie. Our cherry pie is the closest to my grandmothers. Bringing back that very childhood memory to my mom is priceless.

At one point in time, we had lived in Lake Geneva Wisconsin in the mid 1980's. My dad was the  F & B director at the Americana Resort, which was formally a Playboy Club back then, but is now known as the Grand Geneva Resort & Spa. We moved back to Michigan. I attended Johnson & Wales University and Michigan State University for their food and beverage departments. GO STATE!! I am currently with the pie shop. After high school, my brother enlisted in the Marines and served 4 years active. He graduated from Ball State and is now working towards his goals. My mom handles the books and creates recipes that our customers the chicken salad or the quiche, while dad and I run the shop.

Family means a lot to us. We know what the goodness and warmth of a chocolate chip cookie can bring to people. I've seen it happen, put a smile on one’s damp day. We welcome you to our home. ;)

Hope to see you soon!

Have a great day!