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262.248.5100    150 E Geneva Sq, Lake Geneva WI 53147

John F Adams II - owner/president...Mr President...aka...cupcake...daddy, married

Marty Adams - owner/controller, mommy, married to Mr President

Jennifer Klemke (Adams) - vp sales & marketing...the goofy one whom wrote all this :)   please do not email orders, call 262.248.5100

John F Adams III - lil' brother :) hehe...handsome, great guy, will not bake..

                        Congrats Johnny and Jodie and welcome Johnny 4!!!!!!!

Layla Klemke...'Baby Pie' the up and coming pie baker in the making (born 4/17/10) has a little ways to go. hehe

Parker Klemke...'Baby Pie 2' the future work force!