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The Pie Family is so happy for the both of you!

It's your day, and you should have what you want...

     So how about PIES...

          or mini cookies,

               mini mascarpone cheese cakes

          mini chocolate mousse cups

               mini brownies, lemon bars, raspberry cheesecake brulee bars

Mini Chocolate Mousse cups

     dark chocolate cup filled with chocolate mousse and a dollop of whipped

     cream $69.00/approx 5 dozen ($1.15 ea)

          dark chocolate cup filled with chocolate mousse with a flavored liquour

          chambord (raspberry), baileys, or creme de menthe (mint)

          $81.00/approx 5 dozen ($1.35 ea)

Mini Mascarpone Cheese Cakes

     a light & fluffy mascarpone cheese cake. This cheese cake will rock your world.

     Everyone whom has had the pleasure of coming in contact with this dessert has

     fallen in LOVE with the flavor. They come plain, topped with whipped topping,

     or a preserve raspberry, strawberry, cherry, blackberry...

     $96.60/approx 7 dozen (84 pieces)

Chocolate Chip for pricing

Lemon for pricing

Raspberry Brulee Cheese for pricing

Mini Cookies...$6.00/dz

          flavors: chocolate chip, oatmeal, sugar, peanut butter